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Welcome to ComiXstand!

ComiXstand is a new community site and catalog dedicated to comic book artists, writers, musicians and publishers who have embraced the independent spirit. ComiXstand was created with one objective in mind… to bring increased awareness and recognition to these often overlooked artists and their independently published titles.

How does ComiXstand work?

ComiXstand offers a detailed listing of your titles for the public to discover. Each title gets its own page and features rich product information along with social links to share your work and buy links for consumers to purchase your titles. And your first title is FREE. For artists with more than one title, we offer two affordable submission plans:

Basic Plan

You get unlimited titles listed on ComiXstand’s website and catalog app (January 2012) along with social, web and buy links to your work.

Premium Plan

You get everything the basic plan offers plus a copy of the Comic Book App Project to take your titles to iTunes so you can keep all the profits (minus Apple’s cut).

ComiXstand Membership

When you sign up for any of the ComiXstand membership plans, you…

  • maintain complete ownership of your work
  • keep 100% of the royalties received from iTunes
  • get your titles listed in our online and digital catalog app
  • get your title showcased at Comic-Cons that Comixstand attends
  • receive special discounts from our partners

ComiXstand Appearances

ComiXstand also attends comic book conventions held throughout the calendar year. As a paid member, you also get the opportunity to have your titles showcased and distributed at our booths. In fact, that’s how ComiXstand was born. Back in October of 2010, ComiXstand secured a booth at Comic Con Long Beach and invited a group of independent comic book artists to sell their titles to the attendees. It was a huge SUCCESS. We even got to hang out with Thomas Jane a.k.a. the real PUNISHER!

Upcoming ComiXstand appearances include:

Take a Stand… Demand your independence… Join ComiXstand today!

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