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The Feminist: Part 1

ComiXstand | Beckoning of Aetherius

Beckoning of Aetherius

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Do we truly know who and what we are? Are the thoughts and beliefs we have actually our own? Is there a limit to how far we go with these questions, or should we go as far as we can regardless of the consequences? Two friends work their way through these burdens. What will become of their future?

The Beckoning of Aetherius series is a sci-fi fantasy about what it means to be a human being. It questions the social constructions we believe in that we use to define ourselves. Part of this journey involves the question of what it means to be a hero.


Chapter 1 focuses on two women, who are feminists with opposing views about what it means to be an authentic person. What will this mean for their friendship? The results will affect much greater events that happen in the future.

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ComiXstand | Beckoning of Aetherius


Chapter 1

The Feminist: Part 1

ISBN-13: 9780578836119